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Facade cleaning

Washing and cleaning:

  • facades, façades and roofs

  • glass surfaces

  • industrial facilities

  • chimneys and silos

  • metal structures, masts

  • high-pressure washing

  • removal of waste after birds

  • advertising banners

  • panoramic lifts

  • skylights 

  • sandstone and red brick facade 


Additionally, we make 

Washing with demineralized water.

 Innovative technology consisting in washing the lower objects with a special brush providing 100% clean water (devoid of minerals), thanks to which the glass surfaces are perfectly clean after the treatment, and the entire treatment is performed quickly and safely from the ground.  


We use all techniques of cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces, and we work with the use of climbing techniques, i.e. ropes, basket lifts, small scaffoldings.

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